King David Purchased the Temple Mount

Samuel II 24: "No," said King David to Aravnah,"I will purchase the land with money, for this land will not come to the L-rd for free;" and David purchased the threshing floor and the equipment for 50 silver shekels.

And His Descendants Never Sold It!

Interview With Mitch Dayan - All Male Descendant of King David See Mitch Dayan's Lineage
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Now The All Male Descendants of King David are Returning To Reclaim their Ancestral Property on Behalf of the Jewish People

Our organizational goal is to raise and supply money for legal efforts to return the Temple Mount to the all male descendants of King David, collectively known, for this purpose, as the Moshiach Council. The land is to be used, as originally determined by King David on behalf of the Jewish nation.

Registering the House of David as Owners of the Temple Mount

Inheritance in the House of David passes along from father to son; therefore, after the death of King Shaltiel (the last active King of the House of David), ownership of the Temple Mount might have passed to his son, Zerubbabel. However, according to family tradition, King Darius of Persia desired to be the King of Israel and as a result forbade the reestablishment of the House of David. Consequently, inherited ownership rights of the Temple Mount were not discussed openly during this period. Importantly, though, the House of David never sold the Temple Mount to anyone. There are variations in the documented all male lineages from King David and therefore potential disagreements as to how ownership of the Temple Mount property was passed along to the current day. However, one thing everyone who believes in the Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith agrees upon is that the Righteous Messiah, an all male descendant of King David, will (or has) returned to Earth to build the Third Temple. This means there is at least one all male lineage from King David that is present on earth today and has or will give rise to the Righteous Messiah.

The Vaad HaMoshiach, has taken advantage of this concept and has been working with Jerusalem attorney Naphtali Wartzberger to create a legal entity, which includes, by definition, all of the all male descendants of King David. This means that retrospectively, when the Messiah arises, he and his all male ancestors will be considered members of the Vaad HaMoshiah, even if they aren't already members. This means that the all male lineage from King David through which ownership rights of the Temple Mount are being passed along is actually or retrospectively part of the Vaad HaMoshiach. This gives the Vaad HaMoshiach the power to represent the true messianic lineage from King David and claim ownership of the Temple Mount in courts of law in Israel. Furthermore: the charter of the Vaad is written so as to recognize this point and to insure that when the Righteous Messiah arises, ownership of the Temple Mount will pass directly to him.

At this moment, the Vaad HaMoshiach and its supporters are raising money to hire attorney Baruch ben Joseph of Jerusalem to go to the appropriate court in Israel and request that the House of David (via the legal entity the Vaad HaMoshiach) be officially registered as the owner of the Temple Mount. Baruch is a respected lawyer within the Temple Mount community and has agreed to undertake this case. One of Baruch's respected colleagues, attorney Vassily of Jerusalem, described Baruch as a lawyer who has all the skills needed and is totally capable of making this registration change in the courts. In return for gaining this official acknowledgement of the House of David's ownership of the Temple Mount, the all male descendants of King David (via the Vaad HaMoshiach) will accept the following obligations:

  1. They will agree to permit continuance of the Al Aqsa Mosque and other Muslim structures on the southern flank of the Temple Mount. (This is an agreement that is in the best interest of Muslims, as it guarantees continuance of Muslim Temple Mount structures in a way that is not tied to the vicissitudes of the Israeli electoral process).
  2. They will agree to undertake a project to evaluate and subsequently strengthen the structural integrity of the southern flank of the Temple Mount and the southern wall. Some people have mistakenly believed that an earthquake that would shatter the Al Aqsa Mosque would further the plans of Jews to rebuild the Third Temple. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Al Aqsa Mosque does not stand on ground where the First and Second Temples stood and parts of the Hulda tunnels, the only features remaining from the original Temples, lie directly under the Al Aqsa Mosque. The safety of the Huldah tunnels is tied to the structural safety of the Al Aqsa Mosque.
  3. They will agree to rebuild the original southern wall of the Temple Mount. This wall was and will be located slightly south of the central raised portion of the Temple Mount.
  4. They will agree to reopen the Huldah tunnels. This project will involve restructuring parts of the tunnels that lie within the basement of the Al Aqsa Mosque and extending the tunnels (underground) to the southern wall of the ancient (new) Temple Mount. The House of David will undertake all negotiations with Jordan and the Waqf to ensure the safety and integrity of the mosques during this phase of the project. The House of David will insure that Waqf representatives have the ability to view people entering the tunnels from either direction and the right to install observational cameras within the tunnels. When completed, this project will ensure Jewish pilgrims private access to the Temple Mount area.
  5. They will agree to work with Temple Mount leaders and the Waqf and to supervise the clearance of all structures that stand on the location of the First and Second Temple (under and near the Dome of the Rock). Plans call for moving the Dome of the Rock to the northwest corner of the Temple Mount, where the building can serve as a museum of the history of the Temple Mount.
  6. They will work with Temple Mount leaders and will supervise the construction of the Third Temple, in its proper location, and the completion of the western and northern walls of the Temple Mount and their gates.

You might be contacted by a representative of the Vaad HaMoshiach, who is requesting your support for this project. Every step of this project is designed to ease tensions related to the Temple Mount and to improve access to the Temple Mount for Jews, Muslims, and people of all monotheistic faiths. When as the culmination of these efforts the Temple is rebuilt, all Jews will be able to enjoy a universal picnic ground and meeting ground, where they can go and attune to the L-rd of Hosts. We will once again be able to enjoy food that, according to our sages, tasted better than any food that any amount of money could buy during the period after the Second Temple's destruction. The money our representative is asking you to give today will benefit you and your family for generations to come. Please give generously.