Efforts To Build a Succoth at the Petra Hostel

Summary of the Challenge: 

   Israel is experiencing a severe drought right now, and government authorities are even concerned that by summer end it may be impossible to draw water from domestic taps in Israel. In spite of this, when the Temple Mount Faithful attempted to bring the Nusach Hamayim onto the Temple Mount last Succoth, (one of the Succoth offerings designed to bring the blessing of rain), they were stopped by the government. Likewise, in 2005, when the Co-Director of People for a Bill to Build the Beit HaMikdash tried to build a Succoth at a hostel in the old city of Jerusalem, he was informed by the Arab manager that he didn't want the Succoth to be built because he knew that would "bring rain," and he didn't want the rain. Since that time, the Director has been banned from the hostel, and forbidden from building a Succoth there. Now, we are writing an appeal in Hebrew for permission for Jews to do mitzvoth connected to bringing rain, and the letter will be distributed to government leaders and appropriate administrators. PBBBM considers this an important issue, because gaining permission for Jews to do mitzvoth connected to the land of Israel, in all parts of Israel, and is one way of addressing the question of the current Arab control of the Temple Mount