Proposed Agreement between Jordan, the Waqf, and the House of David

Preliminary: The interests of the House of David are represented by the legal entity the Vaad Hamoshiach, a Jerusalem legal entity being set up by Jerusalem attorney Naphtali Wartzberger, which includes, by definition, all of the all male descendants of King David.

Stage 1: Recognition that parts of the Temple Mount are ancestral property of the House of David and a rental agreement:

Jordan and the Waqf agree that the Temple Mount from the Southern wall to the northern boundary of where the Temple stood is property of the House of David (based on expert opinion), and from the eastern wall to the outside of the lowest step leading to central raised portion is property of the House of David

  1. There will be a short determination process, to provide additional evidence of the exact location of the areas of the Temple Mount that is property of the House of David. The determination process will include two short non-invasive excavations by two teams of archeologists 2. The Waqf and Jordan will pay ground rent for buildings in the Southern part of the the House of David property, from the current Southern wall of the Temple Mount up to the boundary formed by the ancient Southern Wall of the Temple Mount (to be agreed upon by experts) and from the current eastern Wall of the Temple Mount to the ancient western wall of the Temple Mount. (This is roughly parallel to the lowest step leading up to the central raised platform on the west. The exact location of this boundary will be determined by experts). (This is a conservative estimate of the actual property owned by the House of David and is based on Biblical testimony and archeological findings.) 3. The House of David agrees to permanent continuance of the mosques on the southern part of the Temple Mount and daily access to these areas by Muslims of all ages for prayer - dependent upon police restrictions) 4. In stage one the Waqf will continue to provide maintenance and upkeep for the Temple Mount other than the strengthening of the Temple Mount. (This will be taken into consideration in determining ground rent). 5. The House of David agrees to stand as a guarantor for continuance of the mosques in the southern part of the Temple Mount against any Jewish opposition, even reserving the right to take legal action against people who harrass tenants of the House of David. 6. The House of David agrees, in principle, that people calling for removing the mosques from the Temple Mount are guilty of endangering the public in Israel. The actual persecution of this violation is in the hands of the Israeli police. 7. Upon acceptance of this agreement by the Waqf and Jordan the House of David agrees to take on responsibility for insuring the safety of the Southern Part of The Temple Mount a. This includes the beginning of a professional assessment of what engineers need to do to ensure the safety of the southern part of the temple mount and its retaining walls. The House of David agrees to pay for Israeli engineers and half the fee of neutral engineers (engineers from Turkey, for example). If the Waqf and Jordan want Muslim engineers to consult on the project they must pay for those engineers themselves.
Stage2: Construction of the original southern wall of the Temple Mount. This wall (its exact location to be determined by experts) starts from the Eastern Wall and runs westward 500 biblical amahs (The end of the wall is parallel to the lowest step leading up to the western side of the raised platform). On a north-south axis, the wall is just south of the raised platform. 1. Upon completion of this wall, Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount will walk on the north side of the wall and the area south of the wall will be restricted to Muslim visitors. The Israel Police will still have the right, if needed, to go in that area for purposes of public safety. 2. This wall will end a longstanding disgrace on the Temple Mount, based on ancient Jewish law dating back to the period of the prophets, that when people pray in two different directions on the Temple Mount it is as if proclaiming the existence of two separate G-ds. Once this wall, is built Muslim prayer will not be seen from the location of the Even HaShtiyah, (place of the Shichinah in our tradition). Stage Three: Completion of the work of strengthening the southern part of the Temple Mount and reopening of the Huldah tunnels, which will be extended underneath the Muslim prayer areas to the Southern Wall constructed in stage 2. In this stage, agreed upon improvements to strengthen the southern part of the Temple Mount will be made. At the same time, the ancient Huldah tunnels will be reopened and extended northward, underneath the Muslim prayer area to the southern wall constructed in part 2. (This will provide a separate entry and egress route for Jews visiting the Temple Mount, and will further secure the privacy of the Muslim prayer area. The Waqf will be afforded inspection rights of all people entering the tunnels form either direction, plus observation cameras will be installed at even distances within the tunnel, so Waqf representatives can observe anything taking place in the tunnels 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Stage Four: The area determined by experts to be the original Jewish Har Habayis will be cleared of all structures. 1. The clearance of structures sitting on the old Temple Mount area will be effected through negotiations between the Waqf and representatives of the House of David including lawyer Baruch ben Joseph. 2. The Dome of the Rock will be moved to the northwest corner of the Temple Mount by one of the two big building movers who are capable of moving it without harming it at all. 3. Determinations will be made about every other structure including buildings, gravesites, and a pillar, as to where they will be moved or whether they no longer needed. a. The House of David will pay for moving the Dome of the Rock in return for which we will claim 1/2 revenue of tourist entrance fees to the Dome of the Rock in its new location. b. For smaller Muslim structures, the Muslims must pay for half the cost of removal or the House of David will move the structures to the place of our choosing. c. For personal objects such as property inside buildings and gravesites, the Muslims must pay the full cost of removal. 4. The House of David will take over maintenance for the original Har Habayit area. 5. After the Third Temple is built in its location, the original Temple Mount area will be surrounded by walls with several gates. It will open to Jewish visitors and tourists on an unrestricted basis. Muslims are also welcome to visit the area and walk in areas that are permitted for tourists. 6. In negotiation with experts on Jewish biblical uncleanliness, blimp tours that will allow Muslims to fly close to the area where the Prophet is believed to have ascended to Heaven will begin with the profits to be split between the Kingdom of Jordan and the House of David.