·        The right to have unimpeded enlightened thought about our greatest archeological site!


·        The right for recognized experts to engage in further exploration on the Temple Mount.


·        The right to know the exact location of our National Treasure, the Beit HaMikdash!


Aifo is dedicated to acquiring for our recognized world experts the right to engage in specific archeological research on the Temple Mount for the purpose of proving or disproving their theories, and thereby furthering our knowledge about this all important area of archeological research.




·        Establishing an approval mechanism, through a bill in the Knesset,  whereby selected researchers will be granted the right to explore on the Temple Mount if:


·         They are duly recognized as significant contributors to study of the history of the Temple Mount, by a commission of scholars in the fields of Antiquities and or Archeology, who are knowledgeable about the archeological history and archeological research about the Temple Mount.

·        They posses a theory about where the first and second Temples were located, and present a specific proposal about a specific site they wish to explore, and specific findings they are searching for.

·        The commission of experts believes their research will further thought and understanding about the location of the first and second temples.

·         Their proposal is reviewed by a commission consisting of representatives of the City of Jerusalem, members of the Waqf and independent observers from the press and the United Nations who determined that the proposed exaction or exploration will not present a danger to the existent structures on the Temple Mount.

·         Their planned research is self-funded, limited in scope both with regards to time and location, and at its completion, will leave the area of exploration in  a condition at least equal to the condition found there before the start of the exploration.