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Summer 5775

PFBBM is working with Jerusalem attorney Naphtali Wurtzerger and the all male descendants of King David to concretize a plan to claim ownership of the Temple Mount and request ground rent from Jordan and the Waqf for the mosques on the southern part of the Temple Mount. To read the latest version of the agreement click here.

Fall 5772 PFBBM is working with Jerusalem attorney Naphtali Wurtzerger to perfect our bill to build the Third Temple and then to request M'K Eldad to help us further prepare it for the Knesset and then to deliver the bill to the Knesset. M'K Eldad has already expressed his support for removing structures from the area of the First and Second Temples in order to build the Third Temple. Like our organization he clarified his remarks by stating that he is not talking about removing the Muslim mosques, which are situated on the south of the Temple Mount and not on a place holy to the Jewish people.

Succoth 5773 PFBBM was successful in bringing the Nisuch Hamayim onto the Temple Mount for the third year in a row. The water was drawn from the Shiloah with the blowing of a shofar, and was filmed by a group of South African tourists. The water was brought onto the Temple Mount twice, and the second time a bit of it was poured by a Levite onto the northern sector of the central raised platform. Because of the act of this brave Levite, we believe Israel will be blessed with more rain this year then they have had in recent years, thus saving the country countless millions of shekels.

Shavuot 5772 PFBBBM was successful for the second time in bringing the two bread offering onto the Temple Mount, and thereby ensuring the blessing for bread for this coming year as a result of the fact that the congregation took time to thank HaShem for giving us the wheat.

Succoth 5772 For the third time, PFBBBM was successful in bringing the Nisuch HaMayim offering onto the Temple Mount. The water was brought twice during Succoth and the second time was poured on the ground that was once the Eastern part of the Har HaBayis, symbolically by a Kohen.

May 5771:

As a follow-up to our failure to gain permission to bring the Korban Pesach, we are working to address the current objections to bringing sacrifice on the Temple Mount. In response to the Rabinical objection to sacrifice, we sent online letters to the two Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rav Amir and Rav Metzgar. We pointed out that according to Mitch Dayan, an all male descendant of King David, there is a tradition in his family that the Temple must be built first and then the people will recognize Moshiach, not the other way around. We also quoted from Malachi 3 23. Malachi tells the Jewish people that in the future the prophet Eliyahu will blow his horn and announce the coming of the Moshiach. Despite the fact that Eliyahu had not come in Malachi's day, he and the other prophets and the Jewish people rebuilt the Temple.

Pesach 5771:

Our organization worked with other organizations in the Temple Mount community to try and gain permission for Yehudah Glick and his group to bring the Pesach sacrifice on behalf of over 1,000 people who ordered a piece of the Pascal lamb.We met twice with the Chief of the Old City police station, which has responsibility over the Temple Mount. We visited the office of the legal representative of the Chief of Police for Jerusalem. However, we were not able to get permission, this year, to bring the Passover sacrifice. During the negotations, we learned that the chief of the local police station, Avi, has full authority to forbid or permit activities on the Temple Mount. However, we discovered from the Jerusalem attorney Boruch ben Joseph that in this instance the decision to forbid all acts of worship on the Temple Mount is coming, top down, from the office of the Prime Minister. At the same time, the Chief Rabbis of Israel issued a ruling that it is illegal to bring the Pesach offering because Moshiach has not arrived yet.

Succoth: 5771:

People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash won permission from the Jerusalem Police to bring the Nusach HaMayim onto the Temple Mount on the 7th day of Succoth. On that day the water was brought successfully onto the Temple Mount. One Cohen was present, but without the priestly garments, so he poured out a portion of the water, in remembrance of the Nusach Hamayim, on an area south of the raised central portion of the Temple Mount, and outside of where the Temple stood. The Cohen has offered to bring the offering next year, if PBBBM purchases a set of Priestly garments for him.


People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash is working with Kohanim and Rabbis in Jerusalem to help bring the Nusach HaMayim on the Temple Mount on Succoth.


People For a Bill to Build the Beit Hamikdash, with the assistance of the Temple Institute and the Rabbinical advice of Rabbi Alboim, were successful in bringing the 2 bread offering of Shavuous up onto the Temple Mount, at the right time, "B'Moadoh" for the first time in 1940 years. The karbon, which can be baked anywhere in Jerusalem, was baked in a Nachlaot bakery. No Cohanim in temple dress, were present so the offering could not be waved as we would have liked. With the assitance of a Levite, the large loaves of bread were burnt in a bonfire behind the kever of Dovid HaMelech after Shavuous ended.


We are working with the Temple Institute to finalize plans to bring the bread offering of Shavous this year. At the very least, possibilities are bright that we will bake the two loaves, which can be baked anywhere in Jerusalem. The next goal wil be to bring them up to the Temple Mount and wave them befor the altar. In a recent shear, Rabbi Eliyashiv, the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi, talked about the concept of B'moado, or doing Mitzvot at their appointed times. This is an important halachic justification for bringing the Shavout sacrifice, even though most of the congregation are unclean because of contact with the dead.

The Director of our organization is currently visiting various Rabbinical courts to enlist their support for efforts to locate the exact position of the altar on the Temple Mount, so that we may bring sacrifices which thrust aside the biblical laws of impurity

June 2009

Since I have not heard from Gershon Soloman, I am currently raising money on behalf of Shmuel Balzam, the architect chosen by the Temple Institute to make the architectural plans for the Third Temple. I will be meeting with Gershon Solomon on Tish B'Av. Currently the Temple Institute is planning to create architectural plans similar to the Second Temple. Discussions about this and about the Third Temple design are taking place between members of Rabbi Ariel's yeshiva, and myself and Eliyahu Shcatz, a member of the Sanhedrin, Rabbi Chiam Clorfene of Sphefat, the creater of several models of the Third Temple,and Chiam Schlomo, an interested party.

April 2009

I had discussions with the Director of the Temple Institute about raising money for Shmuel Balzam, the architect chosen by the Sanhedrin to make the architectural plans for the Third Temple. I then learned that Gershon Solomon had already commissioned an architect to make architectural plans. I met with Gershom Solomon , Director of the Temple Mount Faithful. I agreed to accompany him, his architect and the plans, after Pesach, when we will go to the Municipal Building in Jerusalem to request a building permit for the Third Temple.

March 2009

We are currently working to help obtain a building permit for the Third Temple. In the future we plan to accompany Gershon Solomon to the Municipal Building in Jerusalem to request a building permit.

January 2009

By law, any building project in the Old City of Jerusalem must be preceeded by a thorough archeological dig. Since the ultimate purpose of determining the exact location of the earlier Temples, is to prepare for building the Third Temple, I concluded that any request to explore on the Temple Mount, should be linked to a request for a building permit for the Third Temple. According, during Chanukah of 2008, I visited the Division of the Jerusalem Municipal Building to ask about the requirements for obtianing a building permit to build the Beit HaMikdash. I was told that we must appear on the first, third, or fifth day of the week in the morning, and we must bring an architect. I am curently trying to get in touch with the architect who already made some of the plans for the Beit HaMikdash, while under the employ of the Temple Institute.

September 2008

We have been informed by UNESCO, that our organization is now listed on the official UNESCO list of community association archive web sites in the Israel region.

August 2008

We have written a letter in Hebrew, and sent it out to all members of the Knesset, concerning efforts of our organization to build a Succoth at the Petra Hostel in the Old City of Jerusalem.  We link this effort to the goals of the organization, because it's an effort to gain permission to do a Jewish mitzvoth in an area of Israel currently under Arab control. The project is even more directly related to this organization in that the hostel sits on ground owned by King Abdullah, one of the Arab Kings most opposed to effort s to rebuild the Temple. For more information on that effort, click on the link below.

June 2008

We have communicated with all three experts holding theories about the location of the First and SecondTemple. We subsequently talked with the Antiquities Authority, the Israeli agency that gives permits for archeological excavation. The Antiquities Authority told us that requests to explore in important archeological sites will only be taken seriously if they come from an experienced archeologist with academic affiliation, who is capable of publishing the results of his exploration. Of the three recognized experts holding theories as to the location of the First and Second Temples only Professor Ritmeyer of England has the needed qualifications to request permission to explore on the Temple Mount. Therefore, our organization is currently encouraging Professor Ritmeyer to prepare a proposal, which we will deliver on his behalf to the Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem





October 2007:

   We met with Professor Asher Kaufman, architect of the Northern theory of the location of the First and Second Temples. We communicated with the other two major world experts on the location of the First and Second Temples. We learned that all the experts agree that more exploration on the Temple Mount is needed to surmount the differences in the theories as to where the First and Second Temples were located. We subsequently formed AIFO, as a sub organization of People for a Bill to Build the Beit HaMikdash. AIFO, Hebrew for "where," is dedicated to helping the recognized experts about the location of the First and Second Temples, gain permission to excavate and or explore in limited and defined areas of the Temple Mount. For more details please click the link below to read about "Project AIFO."

August - September 2007:

   We further solidified plans to formally register our organization as a substructure of the Amutah "Canfei Nesharim. We drew up the papers in Hebrew and are now finalizing the legal paper work and preparing to go to court.  

June - July 2007:

   We met with Professsor Eidelberg of the Yamin Party. We decided to support the Yamin party in future Israeli elections, because it is the only party which has openly included a statement about building the Third Temple in the official list of their party goals. Professor Eidelberg subsequently gave two radio talks about the need to build the Third Temple, and changes that need to be made in the Government of Israel, to create a political foundation conducive to the building of the Third Temple. 


June 2007:

  • We have talked with MK Uri Uriel He is currently focused on efforts to build a Beit Knesset on the Temple Mount.
  •  We have purchased a P.O. Box in Jerusalem: P.O. Box 6049; Jerusalem, Israel 91060
  •     We scheduled a meeting with Professor Paul Eidelberg, founder of the Yamin Party in Israel; the only party which lists the building of the Beit HaMikdash as an official purpose of the party.                                                                                

May of 2007

We received 3 emails from The International Association of Big Building Movers. The associatio informed us that 2 companies in the world are large enough to move the Dome of the Rock, one is located in Europe and the other in North America. The companies are eager to give us an estimate of the cost involved in moving the Dome of the Rock 200 meters to the northern portion of the Temple Mount.


February 28th,2007:

   We have completed the first edition of our bill and translated it into Hebrew. We have made a summary of our bill in English and Hebrew. We have created 50 charity collection canisters, and have distributed some of them.


Open Letter to King Abdullah:

Recently the newspapers carried accounts of the plans of King Abdullah, of Jordan to build a new Minaret on the Temple Mount. Our organization helped the Vaad HaMoshiach to send a response letter to the actions of the King. Please click the link below to read an open letter from the Vaad HaMoshiach to King Abdullah: