Current  Budgetary Needs:

Creating a tax exempt status
1,250 Sheckles

Paying for Our Web Site
250 Sheckles per year (payed for until 2011)

Business Cards
230 Sheckles

Visits to Knesset
None currently scheduled

Visits to Rabbinical Courts
70 Sheckles

Translation Work
None Currently Scheduled

Project to bring the Daily Tamid Sacrifice on the Temple Mount, (working with the Temple Institute and with the Third Temple Museum. and Priests and Levites
Estimation of Cost Underway: (To include cost of: lamb, wine, oil, flour, washing vessel, vessel to present the flour, vessel to hold flour while mixing, 3 vessels to bring oil, wine, and flour to the Temple Mount, matches, cost of avodah of 2 Priests, 2-4 Levites, cost of renting vessels for use at the Temple Institute, cost of renting musical vessels for music at Kotel plaza,