Text of Letter to King Abdullah


Vaad HaMoshiach

   The Annointed Ones Will Go Up on Mount Zion
and Judge the Mountain of Esav



HRM King Abdullah

C/o The Royal Palace

Ammam, Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan


Dear King Abdullah:


   Permit me to introduce this organization. The Vaad HaMoshiach is an organization open to Jewish men who possess one of the two fundamental requirements to be the Moshiach. Either they have family records indicating they are son after son from King David, or they were told by an established Rabbi and mystic that they might be the Moshiach. People hearing voices telling them they are Moshiach, and the like, will not be allowed in unless they should later accomplish so much that a great Rav and mystic should say that they might be the Moshaich. On the other hand, if great Jewish leaders from the past, such as the Lubavitcher Rebbe or the founder of the Noztzrim religion, should come back to life,

They could apply to be members of the Vaad. The founder of the Vaad was told by the son of Rav Caduri, the former chief mystical Rabbi of the world that his meeting with Rav Caduri, at the Rav's funeral, might represent the revelation of the Moshiach. Rav Caduri had previously been told by two of the most famous Rabbis of the 20th century that he would meet the Moshiach.

   As I wrote in a previous letter, a friend of my family had the privilege to treat your father medically in Maryland at Johns Hopkins. As noted in my previous letter, the Jewish people are grateful that the Moslem nation has taken such pains over the centuries to protect the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from idolatrous worship. One can imagine, as well, your concern that wild efforts on the part of certain elements in Judaism to take over the Temple Mount through violence could lead to further disastrous desecration of that holy site. One can further appreciate the continued efforts on your behalf to continually improve the appearance and upkeep of that holy site.

   In this background is it possible to recognize that religious Jewish men are making solid efforts to rebuild the Jewish Temple in accordance with strict religious tradition. The plan approved by the Vaad HaMoshiach involves placing a bill before the Knesset. I can tell you that in keeping with the wishes of King Solomon the rights of Moslems to pray on the Temple Mount are supported in the planned bill and even the future right of Moslems to bring certain sacrifices to that spot.

    The difficult part is that, in keeping with Jewish tradition, the bill must and will ask that certain areas, which do not include the Al Aksa Mosque, will be forbidden to Jews and Moslems and be permitted only to priest in a state of "purity."


                                            Yours, Sincerely



                                             Boruch Fishman

                                             Founder, Vaad HaMoshiach