King David Purchased the Temple Mount

Samuel II 24: "No," said King David to Aravnah,"I will purchase the land with money, for this land will not come to the L-rd for free;" and David purchased the threshing floor and the equipment for 50 silver shekels.

And His Descendants Never Sold It!

Interview With Mitch Dayan - All Male Descendant of King David See Mitch Dayan's Lineage
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Now The All Male Descendants of King David are Returning To Reclaim their Ancestral Property on Behalf of the Jewish People

Our organizational goal is to raise and supply money for legal efforts to return the Temple Mount to the all male descendants of King David, collectively known, for this purpose, as the Moshiach Council. The land is to be used, as originally determined by King David on behalf of the Jewish nation.

Our Current Projects

The Vaad HaMoshiach is working with Jerusalem lawyers Boruch ben Joseph and Naphtali Wartzberger to transfer official registered ownership of the Temple Mount to the House of David. The project will lead to construction of the Third Temple and will also insure greater safety, security, and structural integrity of the Al Aqsa Mosque and other Muslim buildings on the southern flank of the Temple Mount.

Attorney Wartzburger of Jerusalem is helping the Vaad to form a legal entity, the "Vaad Ha Moshiach," which includes, by definition, all of the all male descendants of King David.

The Vaad is corresponding with Knesset members about control of the Temple Mount to express our belief that ownership of the Temple Mount is not a contest between Israel or Jordan. The Temple Mount is the rightful property of the House of David for all of Israel for building the Third Temple.

The Vaad is supporting the lawyer working to defend Kever Dovid against efforts of the Vatican to gain control of the building that sits above the tomb.

The Vaad Hamoshiach is assisting and supporting Rabbi Solomon of Benai Brak to bring the "Keter Moshiach," to Israel. The crown, valued at one and one half million dollars, was made (around 1810) for the future Moshiach, by the fourth generation grandson of the Maggid of Mezrich.