Objectives of our Organization

  • Our organization is in the process of becoming  tax exempt and non-profit. To accomplish this, we have decided to become a sub-organization under the amutah, (non-profit organization), Canfei Yesharim. Canfei Yesharim is dedicated to alternative forms of healing, education and care of people with special needs.
  • Our organization is meeting with various members of the Knesset and members of parties in Israel to find leaders who support our effort.
  • Our next priority will be to find a core of Knesset members willing to sponsor the bill. Our next priority will be to choose one or more bill writers to write a rough draft of the bill.
  • Our-next priority at this stage will be to establish an office with a secretary and at least one person who will be able to communicate with members of the Knesset sponsoring our bill, and to aid them in every aspect of the struggle including committee meetings, specially arranged briefings with members of the Knesset who are on the fence about supporting the bill, press conferences and public support!