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Archeological History of The Temple Mount
Architectural Plans For The Third Temple
Building Activity on the Temple Mount
Confusion Between the Al Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock
Legal Issues Related to the Temple Mount
Location of the First and Second Temples, (Theories)
Moshe Dayan - General, Agreement With the Waqf
Mugrabi Bridge Controversy and Resolution: 2007-2009
Muslim Statements About the Temple Mount
Muslim Temple Mount Related Threats and Temple Mount Related Violence
Opinions About The Temple Mount - Conflicting views
Organizations Dedicated to Building the Third Temple
Red Heiffer Sacrifice Today
Sacrifices Brought Onto the Temple Mount
Temple Mount News
Will the Third Temple Descend From Heaven or Be Built By the Hands of Man?
Temple Mount News

  • General Information:

This is an all inclusive Wikipedia article about the Temple Mount including ancient and modern history, and a summary of legal developments since 1967

Information about the history of the Temple Mount taken from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

  • History of Muslim-Jewish conflict over the Temple Mount

7 June, 1967 Broadcast of the Conquest of the Temple Mount

21 August, 1969 Tourist Sets Fire to Al Aqsa Mosque

6 October, 1990 19 People Killed on Temple Mount, as Temple mount Faithful Attempted to Hold Prayer Services

29 Sept., 2000 Palestinian Killed By Police on Temple Mount

2000 Muslim Response to Threats to Demolish the Al Aqsa Mosque

13 Apri, 2009 Muslim press reports Jewish settlers stormed the Temple Mount,

Temple Mount Incident 2/22/2013, but not related to building on the Temple Mount

  • Documents Pertaining to the Legal History of the Temple Mount

Link to 1925 Waqf Temple Mount Guide noting that the First and Second Jewish Temples were located on the Temple Mount

  • History of the Dome of the Rock

Capsule History and Picture of the Dome of the Rock

  • History of the Al Aksa Mosque

Wikepedia article about the Al Aksa Mosque

Thorough history of the Al Aqsa Mosque from the Moslem perspective

Encyclopedia Timeline of the Al Aqsa Mosque

Architectural images of Al Aqsa

History of the Temple Mount from a Muslim perspective

Temple Mount history from the perspective of a Jewish columnist

Articles and Links Related to the Mugrabi Bridge Controversy of 2007

  • Chronological History of Events Related to the Mugrabi Bridge

6 Feb 2007 Israel Antiquities Authority begins salvage excavations for new Mugrabi ramp

6 Feb 2007 Article from YNET news describing the Muslim rioting over concerns about rebuilding the Mugrabi Bridge. (The article sites a Jewish Law that all building in the Old City of Jerusalem must be preceeded by archeological excavation)

12 Feb 2007 Jerusalem Mayor opens Mugrabi ramp construction to public discussion

19 Feb 2007 Israel Hid Discovery of Arab Site at Mugrabi

22 Feb 2007 HAARETZ In debth summary of behind the scene negotiations for a building permit

13 March, 2007 Mugrabi Dig Meets United Nations Standards

2 July, 2007 Israeli officials announced that plans to construct a major new bridge to the Mugrabi Gate have been dropped.

26 July, 2007 Jerusalem Planning Commission Will discuss alternative Mugrabi Bridge Plan

16 October, 2007 Excavations Delayed Due to Appeal by Arab Minister

17 December, 2007 Cabinet Okays Renewing Construction

May, 2008 Jerusalem Planners Okay Route of New Bridge to Mugrabi Gate

July, 2008 City accepts modifications to bridge plan by Ir-Amin

1 Jan, 2009 HaAretz Jerusalem Municipality Okays New Plan for the Mugrabi Bridge

10 Oct, 2011 (Hebrew) Thorough Treatment of the Present Status and History of the Mugravi Bridge Construction

  • Role of UNESCO in solving Mugrabi Bridge Crisis

January 2008 Review article documenting efforts of UNESCO to mediate the conflicts related to the Mugrabi Bridge

  • Links and Articles Detailing Archeological Findings in the Mugrabi Bridge Area

13 February, 2007 Initial archeological finds Mugrabi Gate

2007 Archeological finds from three periods of history beneath the Mugrabi Bridge area

  • Commentary and Opinion About the Mugrabi Incident

Feb 9 2007 Article in Hebrew Calling for Open Jewish -Islamic Communication

  • Analysis and Legal Issues related to The Mugrabi Bridge Events

June 2007 Post-Mortem on the Mugrabi Gate Case By Daniel Seidemann

Public Confusion Between the Al Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock

April 16,2009 In response to call for Judicazation of the Temple Mount, Muslims call for safety of Al Aksa Mosque

2005 After a court ruling allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, Arabs express concerns about safety of the Al Aqsa Mosque

Blog March 2007, While Jewish settlers try to bring the Karban Pesach near the Dome of the Rock, (and no where near the Al Aqsa Mosque), Musulim Clerics respond by saying "Let them say what they want, Al Aksa is a Muslim mosque

June 2008 Arab Organization dedicated to correcting confuson between the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque

Muslim Video Documenting Conspiracy of Confusion Between Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock

A Muslim artile referring to the Dome of the Rock as "Al Aqsa"

Links and Documents Pertaining to Building Activites on the Temple Mount

Feb 29, 2000 Archeology Online, - Muslim building on the Temple Mount in 2000

April 2001 Passover Edition of the Jewish Magazine - Muslim construction on the Temple Mount in 2001

2007 Trench dug by Muslims on the Temple Mount in 2007 - The article contains links to web sites with eye witness accounts, photographs and videos of the dig

Web site dedicated to describing ongoing archeological destruction on the Temple Mount

Links to Web Sites which discuss theories about the location of the First and Second Temples

Summary of many of the main theories as to where the first and second temples were located; including the Central Theory of Dr. Leen Ritmeyer and Dr. Dan Bahat, the Northern Theory of Dr. Asher Kaufman, and the Southern Theory of Tuvia Sagiv.

Summary of critical issues involved in the efforts to determine the location of the first and second temple

Web site which presents the theory that theTemple was in the City of David, to the South of the Har Habayit

Summary of Ernest Martin's arguments that the Temple was in the City of David

Article by the Temple Mount Faithful arguing that the Holy of Holies was located directly under the Dome of the Rock

This is a web site containing a summary of theories about the location of the earlier temples; illustrated by photographs

Blog of Professor Ernest Ritmeyer, expert archeologist and architect, and supporter of the theory that the Holy of Holies of the first and second temple was directly under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount

Theory, by Professor Patrich of Hebrew University, that the First and Second Temples were oriented in an oblique angle relative to the East-West axis. (Professor Patrich's theory is based on the analysis of the location one of the subterranian cisterns discovered under the Temple Mount, during 19th century exploration.)

Documents and Web Sites Discussing Legal Issues Related to The Status of the Temple Mount

Discussion of the PACE Agreement, October 26,1994 between Israel and Jordan

The Holy Places in Jerusalem: Legal Aspects / Shmuel Berkovitz

Comments on the article by MR. Berkowitz

The text of the 1967 Protection of Holy Places Law; The 1980 Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel; The 1993 Israel Supreme Court decision concerning the religious and legal status of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Links to organizations dedicated to rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

The Sanhedrin: The reconstituted court of 71 Rabbis is calling for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem is an organization dedicated to making preparations for the Third Temple, including the reconstruction of clothing, ritual vessels, musical instruments and other sacred items for use in Third Temple

The Temple Mount Faithful is a Movement dedicated to political and legal activism and other efforts to bring about the rebuilding of the Temple in Jersalem 

Articles About the Creation of an Architectural Plan for the Third Temple

Sanhedrin Calls for Creation of Architectural Blueprints for the Third Temple

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