Creating an Architectural Plan for the Third Temple

Why do we need an architectural plan ?

In order to apply for a building permit for the Third Temple, at the Jerusalem Municipal Building, we must have a completed architectural plan of the Third Temple.

Who is authorizing this project?

The project was authorized by the Sanhedrinand is being conducted by The Temple Institute; and is suported by People for a Bill to Build the Bet Hamikdash, and most of the organizations dedicated to rebuilding the Third Temple.

Who is Shmuel Balzam?

Shmuel Balzam is the Owner and Chief Architect of an Architectural firm in Jerusalem. He was commissioned to create the architectural plans for the Third Temple by the Temple Institute.

What is the Cost of This Project?

According to Shmuel Balzam, the chief architect, the total cost of completing the complete plans for the Third Temple will be $500,000.00.

How Can People Contribute to The Project?

People can send in contributions of any amount. The cost to design a single chamber in the Temple, "Lishkat," is $25,000.00 Some of the Lishkats have already been designed, and many are still not sponsored. To see which Lishkats have been designed look at the diagram below. Lishkats for which the architectural plans have been completed are colored in.

diagram illustrating progresss in creating a blueprint for the Temple in Israel
To Donate, go to the Donate Page, and indicate in the comment box that you want your contribution to be used for "Project Tochnit." (Tochnit is the Hebrew word for plan, and refers exclusively to the creation of the architectural plans for the Third Temple.

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Amount CollectedAmount Needed
1,585 Shekels 1,998,415 Shekels

The work of the organization is supported by the Vaad HaMashiach

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