Creating an Architectural Plan for the Third Temple

Why do we need an architectural plan ?

In order to apply for a building permit for the Third Temple, at the Jerusalem Municipal Building, we must have a completed architectural plan of the Third Temple.

The Ezekial Challenge

The Temple Institute is currently raising money to create architectural plans for the Third Temple. However, Rabbi Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute, does not feel he and his Yeshiva are able to solve the problems in building the temple according to the prophecy of Ezekiel. So currently, they are creating architectural plans to build the temple in the model of the Second Temple. PFBBB believe we should build the Third Temple according to the plan of Ezekiel because
  1. Our great Rabbis have said that only a temple in the form described by Ezekiel will last. Any other temple will eventually be destroyed. Why build a Temple destined to be destroyed?
  2. Rav Khahati started in the introduction to the Tractate Midos that when Rabbis are ready to build the Third Temple, they should get together and make plans. If there is something in the vision of Ezekiel , which they do not understand, they should make their best effort to resolve it with their own thought, and their decision will be halacha. So what is there to fear?
  3. PFBBB is committed to winning permission to build the Third Temple. We believe it will be easier to get permission to build the Third Temple according to the plans of Ezekiel. Also it will be easier to defend our decision to build it in the eyes of the world because it is the most up to date plan. This challenges the builders to use their full thought. This plan uses the circle, which is a contemporary symbol. This plan calls for building the temple in a human form, which is also contemporary. The world wants to see a Judaism that looks forward and not backward.

The Solution

PFBBB is taking the following steps to respond to this challenge.
  1. We are trying to clarify what problems have stumped Rav Ariel and his Yeshiva. Differences of opinion about the Ezekiel plan include:
    1. The structure of the guard stations (north to south versus east to west)
    2. The size of the Temple Mount and how to resolve this problem practically
    3. The dimensions of the Ulam
    4. The exact size of the Amah in the Ezekiel Temple
    5. More
  2. We are working with Yaker Betzalel of Jerusalem to set up lectures, workshops, and discussions with experts and interested attendees, so as to address each of the problem areas.
  3. We are seeking to get permission to use the old Makon Hamikdash building in the Old City for meetings and conferences
  4. Rav Tzvi Eden has agred to give lectures on topics related to Ezekiel.
  5. Rabbi Hillel Weiss of the Sanhedrin, one of the two Rabbis to put out a call for building the Third Temple, has expressed interest in the project and willingness to help.

What is the Cost of This Project?

According to Shmuel Balzam, the chief architect, the total cost of completing the complete plans for the Third Temple will be $500,000.00.

How Can People Contribute to The Project?

People can send in contributions of any amount. The cost to design a single chamber in the Temple, "Lishkat," is $25,000.00 Some of the Lishkats have already been designed, and many are still not sponsored. To see which Lishkats have been designed look at the diagram below. Lishkats for which the architectural plans have been completed are colored in.

diagram illustrating progresss in creating a blueprint for the Temple in Israel
To Donate, go to the Donate Page, and indicate in the comment box that you want your contribution to be used for "Project Tochnit." (Tochnit is the Hebrew word for plan, and refers exclusively to the creation of the architectural plans for the Third Temple according to the prophecies of Ezekiel.

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