People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash

April 4, 2014 The Rabbinate of Israel Now Permits Jews With Orthodox Rabbinical Permission to Go Up on the Temple Mount


The purpose of People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash (PBBB), is to gain political approval, in Israel, for the building of the Jewish Temple in its proper place, through passing a bill in the Knesset.(Note: It is the intention of this bill to build the Third Temple on the location of the earlier Temples, and not to move or destroy the Al Aksa Mosque or to prevent Muslims from praying on the Temple Mount.


Our organization is working to help the Yorshim, (all male descendants), of King David to regain control of the Temple Mount.

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The Directors of People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash are:
Israel ben David
Boruch Fishman

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We Are an Amutah!

"People for a Bill to Build the Bet Hamikdash" is now part of the amutah Canfai Nsharim L'maan H'khal. After two years in judgment,and less than 2 months after requesting a blessing from Rav Avadia Joseph, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi, we received approval from the Israel Government. Part of our approved goals includes returning ownership of the Temple Mount to the all male descendants of King David, for the purpose of building the Third Temple.

Our Activities

We are currently working with Jerusalem lawyer Nahptali Wartzberger to perfect our bill to build the Third Temple. Afterwards, we will ask Naphtali to request M.K. Eldad to help us prepare the bill further, and then to bring the bill before the Knesset.

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Our organizational goal to submit a bill to the Knesset to win approval for building the Third Temple.

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Sponsor a Korbon

Fo a $50 Contribution to PBBBM, we will bring a packet of flour and oil onto the Temple Mount in memory of the Korban Tamid for an additional $5 we will bring a small piece of lamb with the flour and water.

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Order Prayers at the Western Wall for 1 Dollar a Day
Have a pious Jew pray for you at the Western Wall for $1.00 a day. Specify your prayer request in English and or Hebrew, in the test field below. By tradition, any prayer made at the Kotel for 40 days in a row will be answered. Include payment of $1.00 times the number of days you want prayers to be made. 51% of your payment will go to support the work of this organization. (If your prayer is for a specific person, include, if possible, their Hebrew name and mother's Hebrew name.)

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Note: The word "Bet," is a transliteration of the Hebrew word for house. It can also be written as "Beit," "Bais," "Bait," or less commonly as "Beis." The term "Third Bet HaMikdash can also be written as "Third Temple," and is identical in meaning.

Getting A Building Permit to Build the Third Temple

  1. Helping the all male descendants of King David to regain control of their ancestral possession, the Temple Mount, on behalf of the Jewish nation.
  2. Completing the creation of the architectural plans for the Third Temple
  3. Taking the plans to the Jerusalem building commission and requesting a building permit
  4. Requesting permission from the building commission to undertake an initial limited non-invasive exploration on the Temple Mount To determine the exact location of the Second Temple and the altar.
  5. Calling for committee hearings with the city, the Waqf, the building committee, and UNESCO as needed
  6. Protection of the Al Aksa Mosque and the right of Moslems to pray on the Temple Mount
  7. Movement of the Dome of the Rock 150-175 meters to the northwest part of the Temple Mount, with the help of big building movers.
  8. Movement of other structures on top of the Jewish Temple location with the help of professionals in antiquities, and big building movers
  9. Establishment of blimp tours, which are impervious to "death uncleanliness," (Tumas Mas), and which will take tourists close the place where Mohammad rose to Heaven

Breaking News:

Tshri 5774 (September 2013) PFBBM has successfully brought the water from the Shiloah Pool onto the Temple Mount and poured it out there in memory of the Nisuch Hamayim

Fall 5774 (2013)PFBBM is asking M'K Moshe Fieglin to bring our bill to build the Third Temple before the Knesset. We have also sent an email to Arab M"K Tibi explaining that the bill will not change the status of the Al-Aqsa mosque or other mosques on the Temple Mount. We explained that our bill will also provide the opportunity for complete evaluation and strengthening of the Temple Mount foundations.

People in Need of Rephuah

Rabbi Chiam Goldberg of Givat Shaol will make Kabalistic prayers for Rephuah. Rav Goldberg has received blessings for his work from Rav Yitchak Caduri z"l and Rav Mordechai Eliyahu z"l with many miraculous stories of success. To schedule a rephuah please send a donation and explanation of the problem below. Contributions will be used to provide Shabbus meals for families in Givat Shaol. Rav Goldberg provides food for 500 people each Sabbath.

Shabbus Table

Once you have logged into PayPal, be sure to click on the "Provide special instructions for Rav Goldberg" link. If possible include the Hebrew name of the person seeking rephuah and their mother's Hebrew name.


Fall 5772 PFBBM is working with Jerusalem attorney Naphtali Wurtzerger to perfect our bill to build the Third Temple and then to request M'K Eldad to help us further prepare it for the Knesset and then to deliver the bill to the Knesset. M'K Eldad has already expressed his support for removing structures from the area of the First and Second Temples in order to build the Third Temple. Like our organization he clarified his remarks by stating that he is not talking about removing the Muslim mosques, which are situated on the south of the Temple Mount and not on a place holy to the Jewish people.

Succoth 5773 PFBBM was successful in bringing the Nisuch Hamayim onto the Temple Mount for the third year in a row. The water was drawn from the Shiloah with the blowing of a shofar, and was filmed by a group of South African tourists. The water was brought onto the Temple Mount twice, and the second time a bit of it was poured by a Levite onto the northern sector of the central raised platform. Because of the act of this brave Levite, we believe Israel will be blessed with more rain this year then they have had in recent years, thus saving the country countless millions of shekels.

Shavuot 5772 PFBBBM was successful for the second time in bringing the two bread offering onto the Temple Mount, and thereby ensuring the blessing for bread for this coming year as a result of the fact that the congregation took time to thank HaShem for giving us the wheat.

Succoth 5772 For the third time, PFBBBM was successful in bringing the Nisuch HaMayim offering onto the Temple Mount. The water was brought twice during Succoth and the second time was poured on the ground that was once the Eastern part of the Har HaBayis, symbolically by a Kohen.

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