People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash

PBBBM is working with Jerusalem lawyers Boruch ben Joseph and Naphtali Wartzberger and the all male descendants of King David to transfer official registered ownership of the Temple Mount to the House of David. The project will lead to construction of the Third Temple, and will also insure greater safety, security, and structural integrity for the Al Aqsa Mosque and other Muslim buildings on the southern flank of the Temple Mount. Read more about the House of David Temple Mount ownership claim.

April 4, 2014 The Rabbinate of Israel Now Permits Jews With Rabbinical Permission to Go Up on the Temple Mount

M.K Tibi Reminds the Kenesset about King David's Purchase of the Temple Mount

PBBBM Supports Kulanu Haverim Na Nach

The Yoreh Rosh of Kulanu Haverim Na Nach has expressed joy and happiness at our request for help to pass a bill in the Knesset to Build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount without moving the mosques. Following that the party will help us pass a bill calling for the reestablishment of the House of David as a monarchy in partnership with the government. Even if the King has only limited or ceremonial responsibilities, all Israeli citizens will be required to swear allegence to the King (the elder of the family of Jacob) in order to be able to vote and hold office of any kind in the country.


The purpose of People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash (PBBB), is to gain political approval, in Israel, for the building of the Jewish Temple in its proper place, through passing a bill in the Knesset.(Note: It is the intention of this bill to build the Third Temple on the location of the earlier Temples, and not to move or destroy the Al Aksa Mosque or to prevent Muslims from praying on the Temple Mount.


Our organization is working to help the Yorshim, (all male descendants), of King David to regain control of the Temple Mount.

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The Directors of People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash are:
Israel ben David
Boruch Fishman

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"People for a Bill to Build the Bet Hamikdash" is now part of the amutah Kanfai Nesharim L'Maan H'Khal. After two years in judgment and less than 2 months after requesting a blessing from Rav Avadia Joseph, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi, we received approval from the Israel Government. Part of our approved goals includes returning ownership of the Temple Mount to the all male descendants of King David for the purpose of building the Third Temple.


We are currently working with Jerusalem lawyer Nahptali Wartzberger. We are initiating legal action on behalf of the all male descendants of King David to request ground rent from Muslims for structures on the s outhern part of the Temple Mount and to win acknowledgement that the Temple Mount is the property of the House of David for all Israel.

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Our organizational goal to submit a bill to the Knesset to win approval for building the Third Temple.

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Note: The word "Bet," is a transliteration of the Hebrew word for house. It can also be written as "Beit," "Bais," "Bait," or less commonly as "Beis." The term "Third Bet HaMikdash can also be written as "Third Temple," and is identical in meaning.

Our Plans to Build the Third Temple Include

Breaking News:

Winter 5776 PFBBM is raising money for a project with attorney Boruch ben Joseph to register the title of the Temple Mount property in the name of the House of David

Succoth 5776 PFBBM successfully brought the water from the Shiloah Pool onto the Temple Mount. The water was poured through a hole in the concrete directly over the location of the altar by a South African woman of Jewish descent. Six months earlier Hashem had appeared to this woman's friend in a dream and had directed the friend to tell this woman she must return to Israel (at Succoth time) and complete her mission to bring the Nisuch Ha'Mayim.

Late Summer 5775 PFBBM is now talking with Attorney Wartzberger and with all male descedants of King David to concretize plans to claim ownership of the Temple Mount and ground rent for the Mosques on the southern part of the Temple Mount. Read more about the project here.

Late Summer 5775 PFBBM is working with Yaker Betzalel to set up lectures, workshops,meetings, and conferences in the old city to discuss the obsticles to building the Temple according to Ezekiel, which have stumped Rabbi Ariel and his Yeshiva.

Tish B'Av 5775 PFBBM and the Vaad Hamoshiach will be preenting a complaint about crime on the Temple Mount to the Jerusalem Police. The report details changes in control of the Temple Mount subsequent to King David's purchase of the property. All changes after King David's purchase were via conquest or trespass, or taking control without willful permission of the owners.

Winter 5775PFBBM is planning a proposal to build the old southern wall of the Temple Mount. The wall will be a perpendicular extension of the eastern wall from where the Hasmonean southern extension meets the old eastern from the time of King Solomon. The wall will protect Muslims praying in the courtyard north of the Al-Aqsa mosque from inadvertently coming the disgrace to the Holy presence of praying with their back to the area where the Holy of Holies stood (under the Golden Dome). Muslims are commanded to pray towards Mecca since the days when the Angel Gabriel ordered the prophet Mohammed to pray towards Mecca. In the Jewish religion, however, from long before the Muslim religion existed, the prophets said that when two people prayed in two different directions on the Temple Mount, it was as if they were testify8ing to the existence of 2 G-ds. The proposed southern wall, which will stand just south of the raised portion of the Temple Mount, will prevent this problem. Jews visiting the Temple Mount will walk just north of this wall, in an area of the old Temple Mount outside the courtyards of the temple, and Muslims will have more privacy in the areas surrounding the mosques.

Succoth 5775PFBBM successfully brought the water from the Shiloah Pool onto the Temple Mount. The water was poured onto the Temple Mount, in memory of the ritual, in an area outside the precincts of the old Temple Courtyard by two Kohanim

Our organization engaged in letter writing to members of Knesset, this past year, to express our disagreement with members of the right who wanted to link building the 3rd Temple with removing the mosques and Muslims from the Temple Mount. We hold that the mosques should stay, only that the Temple Mount through to the northern boundary of the ancient Temples should be recognized as the rightful property of the House of David for all Israel. The Temple can be built in the center of the Temple Mount without removing a single mosque (The Dome of the Rock is not a mosque). We know of no mitzvah that will be violated by this approach. We greatly regret the Jewish blood that was shed this past year because of conflict that we believe was generated by activities of members of the right who had previously expressed their desire to remove Muslims and the mosques from the Temple Mount. Especially we wish to remember Rabbi Moshe Twersky, a possible relative of one of the founders of our organization and a descendant of King David.

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Tshri 5774 (September 2013) PFBBM has successfully brought the water from the Shiloah Pool onto the Temple Mount and poured it out there in memory of the Nisuch Hamayim

Fall 5774 (2013)PFBBM is asking M'K Moshe Fieglin to bring our bill to build the Third Temple before the Knesset. We have also sent an email to Arab M"K Tibi explaining that the bill will not change the status of the Al-Aqsa mosque or other mosques on the Temple Mount. We explained that our bill will also provide the opportunity for complete evaluation and strengthening of the Temple Mount foundations. We were disapointed when Dr. Tibi subsiquently publicly likened the aliyah of Jews to the Temple Mount to a bacterial infection.

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